Wanderventures | February

Wanderventures | February

I’m back again with another Wanderventures to tell you the cool things I did in February.

Now let’s look back at February’s Wanderventures.

I got 2 Free Audiobooks!!!


I have no idea how I got 2 free audiobooks from Audible.com. Maybe I had an audible credit or something from the things I purchased on Amazon, but I was so excited when I looked on the Amazon dashboard and I had 2 credits waiting for me. I got the Throne of Glass audiobook and the Illuminae audiobook. I cannot put into words how over the moon I am to have the Illuminae audiobook. I have heard amazing things about it and that there’s a cast of characters instead of just one voice actor and there’s sound effects and everything. An awesome start to the month!

Gravity Falls Series Finale


Gravity Falls ended in February and when I tell you it ended with a bang, OMG, it ended with a bang. I wasn’t able to keep up with the last season, but luckily with the Series Finale, there was a marathon of the previous season so I was able to catch up. I may have cried once or twice during the finale and it was definitely a satisfying end to Mabel and Dipper’s unforgettable summer.

I watched ALOT of amazing movies.

There are no words that can describe how amazing these movies are so their movie posters will have to suffice. I highly recommend each and everyone of these movies and they’re guaranteed to make you cry, laugh and feel more than you may have ever thought possible.

He named me Malala




The Choice


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


I embraced my artistic side.


I made a painting inspired by my favorite quote.

Vision Board

vison board
I made a vision board of my plans for the rest of the year and beyond.

I had a very movie-filled and wanderventorus February. I can’t wait to see what I do in March.

Until then,
❤ Maya

Wanderventures | January

Wanderventures | January

One of my biggest resolutions for 2016 was to explore. I am a stone’s throw from DC, but I have yet to take advantage of the beautiful sights, museums, galleries, etc. I have been too content with staying at home and being comfortable with my little corner of the world. This year I’ve decided to change that with Wanderventures (a combination of Wanderlust and Adventures) and finally take that step outside my front door.  Wanderventures will be a blog post series (preferably every month, but you know how I am with schedules) and it will be a culmination of all of the cool and amazing things I see and do during the month.

Now let’s look back at January’s Wanderventures.

On January 1st, I started the year with a trip to Five Guys with the family.fiveguys

The next day, on January 2nd, My sister and I went to the Renwick Gallery and The National Geographic Museum for the Indiana Jones Exhibit.

Anything I say about the Renwick won’t do it justice, so here’s some more information about the Wonder Exhibit from their website: http://renwick.americanart.si.edu/wonder/gallery

CAM01044 CAM01050 CAM01054 r1 r3 CAM01083 CAM01059 CAM01058 CAM01070 CAM01069

The Indiana Jones Exhibit


Even though I’ve never seen the movies, I thought the exhibit was awesome and enjoyed how they connected the fictional artifacts from the movie with real archaeological digs and science.

Outside the National Geographic Museum with my sis.

On the 5th, I made my very first spider press print .

What’s a spider press, you might ask? Find out here: http://postalmuseum.si.edu/collections/object-spotlight/spider-press.html

January 9th, I went on a vault tour of the National Postal Museum and saw John Lennon’s stamp album!

The vault wasn’t nearly as enormous as this, but was still just as epic. That had a lot to do with the fact that John Lennon’s Stamp album was there. I fangirled so hard!!!

I got a new coat on the 13th and a new camera and the 25th.

CAM01197 IMG_20160205_100851CAM01192-1

I participated in the #24in48 readathon on January 16th to the 17th and read/finished 3 books.


January 28th, I went to Ebenezer’s coffeehouse for the best Hot Cocoa and Blueberry Muffin I’ve ever had.


I saw Kung Fu Panda 3 on January 29th.

The movie was Ah-mazing!!! I’d see it again a thousand more times if I could.

January 31st, to end off the month, I watched Grease Live on TV.

I was impressed by everyone’s performance and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also thought it was amazing that Vanessa Hudgens pushed through despite the news of her father’s passing. Such strength! You go, girl!!!

And in case you wanted to know, my favorite video I filmed was Would You Rather BookTube Edition and my favorite book was The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.

January was enormously fun, and wanderventurous (yes, I just made that word up). I can’t wait for the many more adventures I’ll have this year and I’m glad to be taking you all with me.

❤ Maya