“One Step at a Time” | Fitness Update

“One Step at a Time” | Fitness Update

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve completely fallen off with my fitness journey. Between the changes in the weather, my new YouTube channel and just plain laziness, I haven’t felt up to working out. I could very easily wait until it gets warmer to start working out again, but since I’m me, that pretty much means that I’m never working out again.

I’m not really too concerned about working out. I like the way my body looks and I’m not very interested in losing any weight. If you read my last fitness update, you’ll remember that “Weight doesn’t Matter” and seeing how that is the major motivation for working out, you can see why there’s been a lack of exercise. The problem is that without working out that leaves my life in a pretty sedentary state, so I’ve got to do something.

what to do
I’ve got to do something, but what?

Naturally, I searched the internet for what to do. And what did I find, you might ask? Howie Mandel walking around in circles on the set of Ellen. Yes, that is probably the weirdest sentence I’ve ever written and probably even weirder is that his walking around in circles inspired by fitness update. You see, Howie was walking around because he had a goal to take 10,000 steps during the day and he was nowhere near that goal. Why he decided to work towards the goal during the show is another conversation entirely, but it did get me thinking about my own fitness goals.

I don’t see myself running a mile anytime soon and I couldn’t care less about doing a push-up, but I do want to be more active and the only way to do that is take it one step a time. I got a pedometer app for my phone and am going to use that to track my steps. My ultimate goal probably won’t be 10,000 steps every day, but it gives me something to work towards. It also gives me a helpful reminder to get up and walk around. Thank you, Howie Mandel, in your own way you have inspired my fitness journey. I hope that in some way, this post will inspire others as well.

Let me know in the comment section how your fitness journey is going.

See you next time!
❤ Maya

“It’s a Long Story”: Book 2 Update

“It’s a Long Story”: Book 2 Update


So, this is the part when I give you an update on my progress with Book two. As you probably guessed from the title, it’s kind of a long story, but I’m going to tell you the short version. When I self-published book one, I was not prepared for a few things and these things had an enormous effect on how I felt about book two. Let me explain:

  1. When you self-publish, you have to do all the work. Now that should’ve been obvious, but I didn’t foresee how stressful and overwhelming doing everything from formatting to marketing would be especially since I had no previous knowledge before embarking on this journey. I should’ve seen it coming, but unfortunately hadn’t and now, I’m not looking forward to doing this all again for book two.
  2. When you’ve written a first book, you get asked how the second book is coming. Great question, the first time. Stressful, the 25th because it reminds you of how little if any progress you’ve made.
  3. When you publish, the book is no longer yours. Because you published and you have this “gift” of writing, you are no longer allowed to keep your book to yourself which may have been the hardest thing for me to stomach because I never realized how personal my writing was and how much I write for me. Most times, I’m not writing because I want to, it’s because I have to to get everything out of my brain and feel better. But having to because it makes you feel better and having to because people are pressuring you to share your work are two different things.
  4. Writing is something I’m good at, but not something I like to do all the time.To be honest, it can be a tedious process and it’s not fun spending all of my time doing it.
  5. When working on a second book, you want the second book to compete with book one which inevitably changes your writing. You stop writing like you and try to write “better.” You write what you think people will prefer, but it doesn’t work and you end up hating everything.

So, what have I learned from all of this. I learned I need to take a break from this book. It’s been stressing me out and making me not love writing as much. I need to take back my book and get back to writing for me. I think I’m going to give myself the summer to have a little fun and read more. I’ll take notes on the book, and maybe I’ll start working on it again for Nanowrimo.  Or maybe I’ll have chilled out before then and will work on it sooner. I have no idea and it’s actually fun not knowing. I’m just going to run with it and hope for the best.

❤ Maya

Writing update of the New Year

Writing update of the New Year

On November 4, 2013, I made the decision to start my novel. It was in conjunction with Nanowrimo. Though I did not reach the 50,000 word limit in November as the guidelines dictate, I am happy to say that as of today I have reached that goal and my novel is 50,137 words. Woah! I never knew just how many words that actually was until I tried to write them. As I said in my Nanowrimo post, I underestimated just how much 50,000 words was and it makes me proud that I have stuck to the goal despite its difficulty. I plan to keep pushing through until I finish the story and then I will be trudging through the rewrites and all the glamorous things involved in book writing that they tell you about in movies.

This journey has been so much fun. I could spend hours staring at a screen creating a world that has not been discovered before. I  have had to tear myself away from the screen many times to go eat. I love getting trapped in my own mind and just wandering around wherever my words take me. I often think I’m crazy to like being by myself so much just writing. I’m pretty sure that’s the introvert in me or possibly the writer in me as well.  There are many quotes that say to be a writer is to be insane. That struggle against silence is not for the weak or lighthearted. During this time, I’ve learned that writing is an uphill slope. It’s a daily battle and a struggle against silence. It’s a question of perseverance. The real writer, the true writer writes every day breaking new ground and achieving a goal. I don’t know if that makes me a real or a true writer. I just appreciate having something that I want to protect and that I’m willing to work for. I look forward to learning even more lessons as I finish my first ever novel.

What is that one thing that you all love? That one thing that you’d work for and you love more than anything? I’d love to read about it in the comments below. 

From the #1 rule-breaker,