Oops! No Storytime with My this week

Oops! No Storytime with My this week

You may have noticed the lack of “Storytime with My” this week. And last week, too, but we won’t talk about that because I actually have a good reason this week. Instead of reading the short story I write live during the hangout, I want to try memorizing and recording it as its own video. The main reason I want to try is because as you saw in the last hangout, the connection goes in and out, so you all couldn’t hear a couple of lines of the story. I also don’t want to have to check every few minutes during the show to make sure the connection hasn’t gone bad, so I feel that this is a great alternative. On March 6th, I will have a new “Storytime with My” for you all and I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I think it’s going to be a phenomenal performance, so get ready.

In the mean time and to make up for missing yet another week, I’m going to share my book outlet haul. If you follow me on Instagram @luv2rite1922, you would have already seen this before.


From the top: Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty; Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill;  Wild Bill Donovan: the Spymaster who created the OSS and Modern American Espionage by Douglas Waller; Stella by Helen Eve.

As you can see, my reading tastes are a little all over the place. I think I either want to read Meant to Be or Stella first. I’m not sure, but you all will be the first to know.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. While you’re waiting for next week’s Storytime with My, you can check out my book, click here for the paperback and here for the ebook.

P.P.S If you haven’t noticed already, I’m doing this thing where I sneak in a shameless promotion of my book every so often. Feel free to ignore if it gets annoying, but know, somebody has to do it if I want to be recognized as an author. I promise not to do it all the time or I’d even annoy myself. Alright. Just thought I’d let you know. See you next time, rule-breakers!


“Storytime with My” Page 3 w/ finished response

“Storytime with My” Page 3 w/ finished response

This Storytime with My was formatted a little differently and I hope you all enjoyed the change. I’m going to format these posts differently as well.

First, the live stream…

And now an outline of what I talked about…

First,  we had a little chat and I updated you all on what’s been going on. Mainly, I’m working on a website, I’m on tumblr, larasean.tumblr.com, and I want to start the #iloveme project. The post should be up by now so check it out for more details.

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, I AM OFFICIALLY A GOODREADS AUTHOR!!! Lara Sean and Last Look Back are on goodreads. Check them out here.

Also, I’ve realized that I like talking and having a little chat with you all so it will be very unlikely that the stream will be much shorter than 30 minutes. I will do my hardest to make sure it doesn’t get much longer.

Next, the prompt:


And now for my response:

His eyes. That was the first thing that I noticed about him. They were dark brown and they twinkled. They actually twinkled. Especially when he smiled. When he smiled and I looked into his eyes, I fell all over again.

When he got sick, I knew things would be different. Those twinkling brown eyes were the first to fade. They became listless and gray and I knew the rest of him would change soon after. I was told by the Guild that it was silly of me to be sad. Keran was an Incan and would return to me soon enough.

Once every one hundred years, he would die and be given a new life. Depending on the life and where he was placed in the world, he may be able to return to me or maybe he wouldn’t. He would have a different body, but his eyes would never change. He would always be my love. I would have to wait and pray that he would come back, but I knew if he hadn’t, I’d have to move on.

Before Keran finally took his last breath, he made me a promise. “A year,” he said. Wait for him for a year and if he couldn’t come back to me by then, then I could go on with my life.That was foolish. I had no life without him. I was sure that I would wait for him forever. He didn’t have to ask. I held his hand tightly and then he was gone.

The Guild was prompt in the removal of his body. They had to keep his body safe in case another Incan was assigned to it. I was left alone. I couldn’t muster anymore tears to cry. I just waited …and waited.

It was hard. I cried a lot in the beginning. Without him, it was like living without an arm or my leg or my heart. For a while, I hated him and his stupid eyes. If it weren’t for those eyes that drew me in and wouldn’t let me go, then I wouldn’t be having this problem. I wouldn’t be hurting so much. Why did I have to love him so much?

365 days inched slowly past and Keran was nowhere to be found. By this time, I had accepted the fact that I was desperately in love with him and would wait for him forever. As night fell on the 365th day, I prepared myself for a lifetime of waiting.

Then, on the morning of the 366th day, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door absentmindedly. “Hello,” I asked the stranger. He was tall. His head almost hit the top of the door frame. I had no idea who he was until I looked into his eyes. He smiled down at me and his eyes twinkled. I burst into tears and hugged him. It was Keran. It was my love.

“Sorry, I’m late,” he whispered, which was nonsense. I shook my head, my cheeks stained with tears,and hugged him as tightly as I could. I looked up at him, into the eyes that I fell in love with, and said, “You could’ve taken another 30 years and I would still be here. I am yours and you are mine. Forever.”

As I said in the stream, I worked on the prompt earlier in the day and edited it during the live stream. I liked that so much better and you can see my excitement during the show. Working on it earlier gave me time to work out what I wanted to say and I was able to read more enthusiastically because I already knew much of what was on the page. If you would like to listen to me read it, fast forward to the 19 minute mark.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. If you have any writing prompts you would like me to try out, please let me know in the comment section below.

“Storytime with My” Page 2 w/ finished response

“Storytime with My” Page 2 w/ finished response

Before I share my response to the prompt from last Friday’s Storytime, here’s the prompt again:
January 16, 2015 at 6 pm EST- Sentence Prompt

Write a short story or scene inspired by the written prompt

You have the power to save humanity with a cure. The problem is you’re immune to the cure and won’t be saved. What do you do? What is this mysterious disease that’s taken over the world and what are you going to do to save the world. If you decide to save them, that is.

And the live stream…

And now for my response…

They told me that I needed to save them. They said I should feel honored to save humanity.

Why should I?

What have they done for me?! Huh? HUH? I know you must think I’m selfish and I probably am, but you’ve gotta understand, I didn’t ask for this. No one in their right mind would ask for this. They told me that my blood can save millions. I alone am immune to the disease that is killing so many people and my blood can be used to create a vaccine. Millions will be saved and I’ll be a hero except that they conveniently forgot to tell me that the process of taking my blood could kill me. There was a big chance that I would not survive this.

“1 for many,” they told me. “Think of the greater good.”

Forget the greater good! I want to live! I want to breathe. I want to taste the sunshine. I don’t want to save the world. I know if I don’t save them, everyone will die and I’ll be alone, but if I do save them…does anyone care what I’m giving up? My family. My friends. They want me to trade them for a life of nothingness and honor. 

“You’ll get to help your friends,” they said. “People you love will be alive because of you.”And millions of others will be alive, too. Millions of people I do not know and who could care less what happens to me will be cured because of me. I am sure none of them would lift a finger to do the same for me if the circumstances were different. But they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is what I choose. Will I or won’t I? Let them live or die. Or instead hold onto that small shred of hope that someone will fly in and save me taking me away from all of this. I have to…I will hold onto that hope! It’s all I have left. 

From the #1 Rule-breaker,

P.S. The next “Storytime” will be on January 23rd at 5 pm. (I have to reschedule earlier because of scheduling conflicts.) The prompt and live stream can be found by clicking the “Storytime with My” tab in the menu above.

“Storytime with My” Page 1 w/ finished response

“Storytime with My” Page 1 w/ finished response

As promised in Friday’s “Storytime with My,” I’m going to share my response to the prompt.

In case you missed it, here’s the prompt: Write a story or scene inspired by the picture below.


Here is the live stream:

And here is my response:

“Come back to me,” Anna told him with tears in her eyes. The dismal sepia tone sky overhead echoed her misery.

“Always,” Nile said and he took here in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. She stood on tip toe to reach him. She held him as tightly as she could. Maybe if she held him tight enough, he wouldn’t be able to go. Their cat, Siphie sat between them and seemed thoroughly intrigued by the scene.

Anna absolutely hated this war. She hated that she would be losing her love to a war that neither of them had anything to do with. Why did General Armstrong have to wage war on the Moon men? Now his war was everyone’s and that just wasn’t fair. But what could they do?

There was no way to change their fate. Nile pulled away from Anna, fighting tears of his own. He leaned down to pet their cat and say goodbye. “Goodbye, Siphie,” he said, “Take care of her for me.”

“Sure thing,” the cat purred. “Be safe.”

Nile nodded and grabbed his bags throwing them over his shoulder. He turned away from his love and walked towards the spaceship that was going to take him to a war he didn’t want any part in. He focused on one thing as he boarded the spacecraft and headed to the battlefield. He focused on Anna, the love of his life. His love for her would keep him alive. Their love was magical, boundless. Their love was infinite. They had a love that could change the world, only neither of them knew it yet.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. The next “Storytime” will be on January 16th at 6 pm. The prompt and live stream can be found by clicking the “Storytime with My” tab in the menu above. I will post the prompt the day before the stream.



“What was that,” a girl says. She’s walking with her boyfriend.

He stops and looks back at her. “What? What is it?” He asks her.

“There was something… It felt like I ran into something.” She’s scanning her surroundings now, searching for what she ran into. She’s second-guessing herself now. She doesn’t see anything.

Her boyfriend is looking at her warily now. Probably thinking he’s dating a lunatic. Rest assured, sir. She’s no lunatic, at least not as far as I know. She ran into me. She didn’t say sorry, by the way, but I’ll let that slide. She couldn’t see me. Neither can he. It’s because I’m invisible. The proper term is unseen, but I won’t get into that now.

“It was nothing,” the girlfriend says writing the encounter off as her usual clumsiness. She shakes her head and grabs for his hand. They walk away continuing their lives in the land of the seen.

I’m tempted to step in their way. Make sure that they know it was something. That it was me. That she ran into me. But I resign myself and step out of their way. Ah, the life of the unseen. There’s no fighting it.

I don’t talk in public. There’s no one to talk to. I try to keep the sounds down to a minimum. People get a little hysterical when they hear sounds and they don’t know where they are coming from. The hysteria was funny the first couple of times I did it. I remember the first time. I tapped a lady on the shoulder and asked her for directions to the store. When she turned around and saw no one there, she almost lost her mind. I thought I might lose my mind laughing so hard. I’m sorry to say, but it was funny seeing her so scared. It was still funny when that one guy almost got into a fight with another guy that “accidentally” sneezed on him.

But… by the 3rd and the 5th and the 9th time, it got old. It was upsetting. No one could see me. No one would ever be able to. What a pitiful existence. You probably think I’m overreacting and think I’m being unnecessarily dramatic. Au contraire, mon frere. Not true.

You’ve only taken a glimpse into my life. Let me tell me what it’s really like.

I wake up every morning at 7 am to my  downstairs neighbor’s saxophone playing. For some reason, he feels that the early mornings have better acoustics. He practices on the patio, so everyone in a three block radius can hear him. When he plays, I take a shower. Just because I’m invisible, doesn’t mean I can skimp on personal hygiene. When he leaves his apartment is the only time I can take a shower. Technically speaking, no one is supposed to be in this apartment, so its going to look suspicious if the shower starts running. Luckily, he can’t hear it over his saxophone playing. I’ve gotten showering down to a science. I know I exist. I’m conscious. I just can’t see myself which makes showering pretty interesting. Well, I know the general locations of my body parts, so it’s not as hard as it would seem. It helps that the water sort of sits on my skin for an extra second before it glides off, so I’m able to spot any spots that I missed. See, science.

I stand in the front of my mirror with my towel wrapped around me. I have to brush my teeth. Mind you, I can’t see my teeth or even my face for that matter. Again, my brain knows the general location of things and I’m able to brush, brush, brush the plaque away. Mmm, refreshing.

At this point, it’s time to get dressed. Now what does an invisible person wear. Nothing? Wrong! That’s disgusting. Get your mind out of the gutter. What I wear is hard to explain. I can wear clothes. I have a closet full of clothes if you don’t believe me. The thing is I can’t see the aquamarine-colored sundress I put on or the black wedges or the shell necklace around my neck. It’s weird. As soon as I put the clothes on they disappear and are invisible with me. I take them off, and I can see them again. Just one of the many unexplained things about my life. I make my bed, being sure to pull my sheets tight across the mattress and place my pillow on the left side of the bed.

I head to the kitchen for breakfast. I’m in the mood for french toast. I crack an egg into a bowl and add milk. I grab a piece of bread from the pantry and dip it into the batter. It sizzles and cracks as I place it on the hot skillet. None of my things are invisible, as far as I know anyway. If you walked into my apartment right now, you’d see a fully furnished, fully stocked living space, The only thing you wouldn’t see is me.  Bet you’re heartbroken to hear that.

I fix one more piece of French toast and put it on my plate. I take a bite of my french toast and am welcomed by the delicious taste. As I’m eating, I’m reminded of an old cartoon where the cat was turned invisible and it took a bite of something. You could see the chewed-up chicken leg as it went down his throat and found its way in his stomach. Glad to say, the same doesn’t go for me. Don’t worry about being invited over for dinner. The only time you’ll see my food is on my plate, not on the way down. Good to hear, right. I’ve finished breakfast and I have to head out now. I wish I could stay in my apartment all the time, but I’d probably go crazy if I did which would probably be better than what I actually have to deal with. The people bumping into me all the time. The people trying to sit on me in the subway. The dogs that from some reason can see me and proceed to go into a barking fit to the bewilderment of their owners. And there’s the ignoring. The loneliness. The inability to talk to anyone. The empty feeling when someone looks right through me. The aching abyss of nothingness. The not being seen and I could go on and on. The list is too long.

But I must say, as much as I’m griping about being invisible, there is one good part. His name’s Wil. He plays the guitar and sings in the subway terminal or station or whatever the heck it’s called. I go there almost everyday to listen to him. It’s the place I’ve gone to when I leave my apartment.  His playing is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard He’s my only refuge in my world of loneliness and invisibility. I sit there for hours listening to him play. There are moments while I’m listening that I want to risk it and say something to him, but I don’t. I just sit there and let his music take me on a journey. After five hours, my butt is sore, but I don’t want to leave. Wil has stopped playing and has begun packing up his guitar. I get up from my spot and look at him. I’m so close to him that I could reach out and touch him if I wanted to, but I don’t. He turns and walks away, heading to a platform that will take him home. I stand on my platform and as my refuge leaves, I feel empty. I head for my subway’s platform and wait. As I’m waiting for my subway to arrive, I think back on Will. There was something about the way he left. For a split second though, when he was leaving, I’d thought… that he looked at me…and maybe even smiled. That couldn’t be though. People look through me, to something behind me, not at me. I’m unseen. Empty. Alone. Lonely. Invisible. Right? Or am I something else entirely? My subway arrives before I can give it another thought.

The Quickness List- “Only I See”

The Quickness List- “Only I See”

Super-short short stories in 250 words or less.

The plush lawn calms me as I squish the grass between my toes. This was a much needed rest. I don’t take enough time for myself anymore.
“You don’t take enough time for yourself anymore,” my companion says.
“I know. I’ll try,” I reply. Groups of people walk by us as we sit on the bench watching them.“These fools, they’ll never see him coming.”  People don’t see what’s right in front of them even with the details staring them down. For instance, the couple kissing across from me on the bench, to anyone they’re in love. To me, she’s married and not to him. And the little girl playing happily with the squirrels. She hasn’t seen the light of day in weeks. She’s starving and it’s squirrels for dinner.

“Must you?” my companion groans in disgust. “I would’ve preferred to not have that image in my mind.”
I shrugged. “You know better than to read my mind.”
“Don’t be so pessimistic,” my companion warns. There’s a sudden charge in the air and I can tell that he’s near. My companion voices my thought with a heartfelt somberness. “He’s here.”

Short-story hiatus

Short-story hiatus

I have taken a break from a paper. I have made enough progress on it that I don’t feel too bad about taking a little time to blog. I also want to keep up with a writing a little everyday which is also why I’m here. (I wasn’t able to write yesterday because of horrible internet, story of my life, am I right? So, I really wanted to post today.)

I don’t actually have a lot to say. That’s not the point of course. I just want to get in the habit of writing on a  daily basis, so either way I’ve achieved my goal whether this makes sense or not.

I do want to let you all know that I will be going on a *new* short-story hiatus while I finish working on my novel (my nanowrimo submission.) I want to spend all of my energy and spare imagination on finishing my novels so any new short stories will have to go on the back-burner. The blog posts don’t take as much imagination or thought, so I don’t see any foreseeable absences from here, barring bad internet connections, that is.

If you do happen to see a short story, namely “Take the Shot” which was published two days ago, it’s not a new story but a story that has been gathering dust in my flash drive. Any other short stories that pop up will not be new either, just something that I discovered in the depths of my computer, tweaked, threw fairy dust on and posted here.

Ummmm, so that’s about it. I’ve got nothing else to say and before I get the urge to prattle on about nothingness, I’ll just end it here.

From the #1 Rule-Breaker,