Favorite Fictional Couples| Happy Valentine’s Day!

Favorite Fictional Couples| Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing my favorite fictional couples. Read on for more…

Beatrice and Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare


Beatrice and Benedick’s romance begins as an intense battle of the sexs with neither side wanting to succumb to their affection. I love the romances that start off where the main characters hate each other because when they eventually fall for each other, it seems that much sweeter and real. When Beatrice proclaims, “I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest,” you know that this confession is coming from a deep place and she is willing to be vulnerable with Benedick so that they can finally have true love.

Coco and Leslie from One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel


Coco begins the book wary of Leslie and his super movie star world and that fear almost breaks the couple apart, but with love, patience and taking it one day at a time, they are able to overcome any obstacle. The couple is so down-to-earth which is why they are perfect for each other and I love how it shows that anyone can have their happy ever after, even movie stars and dog walkers.

Jeanette and Tam Lin from An Earthly Knight by Janet McNaughton


Jeanette stumbles into the forest and meets the fabled Tam Lin and so their story begins. He sees her like no other and it’s obvious that he sees her true beauty. This isn’t a damsel in distress- guy has to save the girl story. Instead, it’s one of mutual saving where Jeanette believes in herself because of Tam Lin and Tam Lin is freed from his curse because of Jeanette.

Julia and Josh from Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill


Josh is the last person Julia would consider being with, but that’s exactly how love works. Josh takes Julia outside of herself and her stringent rules about what love is. Their journey is one of acceptance and mutual respect. I find it beautiful that before they’ve realized it, they’ve only showed their true selves, who they really are, to the other person who whether they like it or not, is their meant to be.

Leah and Grayson from Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols


Leah and Grayson probably have the second weirdest situation (see #9 for most weirdest.) Grayson wants to fix Leah up with his twin brother for reasons he refuses to reveal to Leah and he even blackmails her into doing it. What?! But even with this predicament, Leah and Grayson’s attraction is undeniable and they still manage to fall in love though they try to deny it as best they can. Leah’s I-love-him-I-hate-him feelings are in full force and make for the perfect Valentine’s Day read.

 Skylar and Josh from I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios


Skylar is a trailer park girl and Josh is a marine honorably discharged after losing his leg. They both want out of their small town and they bond over that need. Their romance is a slow burn with Josh dealing with a lot of demons as a result of the war. It’s only Skylar that can bring him back, but is she strong enough? Despite losing his leg, Josh is still a protector and he’s willing to protect Skylar no matter the costs even if it means he can’t be with her. It’s a tragic and beautiful romance that also sheds light an often misunderstood issue — Veterans with PTSD.

Yurara and Mei from Yurara by Chika Shiomi


Mei is the lady’s man who’s well-liked by all, but only Yurara can see him for who he truly is. She can look past his pain and he can show her what it means to be loved. Their relationship is riddled with pitfalls and confusion, but love wins out in the end as it always does.

 Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Inej is Kaz’s right-hand and he needs her even if he won’t admit it. Kaz is not used to being vulnerable not even for the girl he loves, but he’ll have to or he’ll lose her. Though this couple doesn’t officially get together by book’s end, they clearly have a thing for each other and depend on each other greatly. They have a great relationship, flirtationship, friendship, whatever you want to call it and it’s a joy seeing it progress throughout the book.

Marak and Kate from The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle


I will admit that this one can be viewed as a little Stockholm Syndrome-y, but barring that, it’s a beautiful romance about looking past appearances. Marak is a Goblin King and he’s looking for a bride and he’s chosen Kate who understandably doesn’t want to play along. And so the chase is on. The book follows Marak’s pursuit of Kate and the hilarity and mischief that ensues.

Ashlyn and Ronan from Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong


Ashlyn is used to being the other sister and for her sister to get all the boys’ attention, but when Ronan comes along, he sees Ashlyn and only Ashlyn. Their romance is cute and one for the hall of fame. There is someone for everyone if you know where to look, which in this case is a spirit-filled forest, but you know what I mean.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my favorite fictional couples. Leave your favorite in the comment section below. See you next time!

❤ Maya

‘Dance like no one’s watching’ and other random thoughts

‘Dance like no one’s watching’ and other random thoughts


It’s been about a month since my “hiatus” and I thought this was a good time to share a random thought and tell you some of what I’ve been up to. My random thought is this: Dance like no one’s watching. Don’t care what you look like or what people think. And don’t worry about the opinions of people that you honestly don’t really care about. What prompted this, you might ask. I was out and about and found myself spending entirely too much time caring about how I looked to other people so much so that I stopped being myself. It didn’t take me long to realize that not being myself is boring and caring too much about what others think is a waste. Live your life for you and no one else. At the end of the day, only you will have to deal with the consequence. Live your life to the fullest and don’t care who’s watching.

Now for what I’ve been up to…

  • Still working on book 2 and no, I won’t bore you with the details
  • I’m interested in exploring other modes of creative expression which is just a fancy way of saying I want to paint and write more poetry. I want to express my creativity in ways other than just writing books. I also want to challenge myself by painting(something I’m not really good at) and writing poetry (something I’ve never really considered, but I think there are thoughts bubbling up in my brain that can only be expressed through poetry.) I may share some of my poems or artwork, but knowing me, I’d probably forget 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll remember to share a poem or two.
  • And finally, congratulations are in order. I have had this blog for 2 years and a day (yesterday was my blogiversary and it completely slipped my mind.) Each year keeps getting better and better and I have learned so much about myself. This off-and-on log of my life has helped me so much and it’s a comfort to know that it and you all are always there. I have no idea what the future world will hold for NRJW, but if the last two years are of any indication, it will definitely be interesting.

❤ My


“Storytime with My” Page 3 w/ finished response

“Storytime with My” Page 3 w/ finished response

This Storytime with My was formatted a little differently and I hope you all enjoyed the change. I’m going to format these posts differently as well.

First, the live stream…

And now an outline of what I talked about…

First,  we had a little chat and I updated you all on what’s been going on. Mainly, I’m working on a website, I’m on tumblr, larasean.tumblr.com, and I want to start the #iloveme project. The post should be up by now so check it out for more details.

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, I AM OFFICIALLY A GOODREADS AUTHOR!!! Lara Sean and Last Look Back are on goodreads. Check them out here.

Also, I’ve realized that I like talking and having a little chat with you all so it will be very unlikely that the stream will be much shorter than 30 minutes. I will do my hardest to make sure it doesn’t get much longer.

Next, the prompt:


And now for my response:

His eyes. That was the first thing that I noticed about him. They were dark brown and they twinkled. They actually twinkled. Especially when he smiled. When he smiled and I looked into his eyes, I fell all over again.

When he got sick, I knew things would be different. Those twinkling brown eyes were the first to fade. They became listless and gray and I knew the rest of him would change soon after. I was told by the Guild that it was silly of me to be sad. Keran was an Incan and would return to me soon enough.

Once every one hundred years, he would die and be given a new life. Depending on the life and where he was placed in the world, he may be able to return to me or maybe he wouldn’t. He would have a different body, but his eyes would never change. He would always be my love. I would have to wait and pray that he would come back, but I knew if he hadn’t, I’d have to move on.

Before Keran finally took his last breath, he made me a promise. “A year,” he said. Wait for him for a year and if he couldn’t come back to me by then, then I could go on with my life.That was foolish. I had no life without him. I was sure that I would wait for him forever. He didn’t have to ask. I held his hand tightly and then he was gone.

The Guild was prompt in the removal of his body. They had to keep his body safe in case another Incan was assigned to it. I was left alone. I couldn’t muster anymore tears to cry. I just waited …and waited.

It was hard. I cried a lot in the beginning. Without him, it was like living without an arm or my leg or my heart. For a while, I hated him and his stupid eyes. If it weren’t for those eyes that drew me in and wouldn’t let me go, then I wouldn’t be having this problem. I wouldn’t be hurting so much. Why did I have to love him so much?

365 days inched slowly past and Keran was nowhere to be found. By this time, I had accepted the fact that I was desperately in love with him and would wait for him forever. As night fell on the 365th day, I prepared myself for a lifetime of waiting.

Then, on the morning of the 366th day, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door absentmindedly. “Hello,” I asked the stranger. He was tall. His head almost hit the top of the door frame. I had no idea who he was until I looked into his eyes. He smiled down at me and his eyes twinkled. I burst into tears and hugged him. It was Keran. It was my love.

“Sorry, I’m late,” he whispered, which was nonsense. I shook my head, my cheeks stained with tears,and hugged him as tightly as I could. I looked up at him, into the eyes that I fell in love with, and said, “You could’ve taken another 30 years and I would still be here. I am yours and you are mine. Forever.”

As I said in the stream, I worked on the prompt earlier in the day and edited it during the live stream. I liked that so much better and you can see my excitement during the show. Working on it earlier gave me time to work out what I wanted to say and I was able to read more enthusiastically because I already knew much of what was on the page. If you would like to listen to me read it, fast forward to the 19 minute mark.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. If you have any writing prompts you would like me to try out, please let me know in the comment section below.

Welcome to the #iloveme project!

Welcome to the #iloveme project!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like me (read: perpetually single),  then you’re not too enthused about this time of year.  Now, this is not to say I hate the holiday or I’m a Valentine’s Day basher or anything like that. It’s just that when you’re by yourself on a holiday geared towards relationships, it makes you feel kind of bad. But, not anymore! For this Valentine’s Day, I’m doing things differently.

This year, I’m embarking on the #iloveme project. What is that you may ask? It’s very simple. On Feb 14th, I’m going to forget about all of the couples on dates and focus all of that energy on myself. I’m going to devote the entire day to loving me. I think I’m going to have a movie marathon and I maybe even get myself a present of a slideshow of my favorite pictures of myself. On the 14th, I will be reliving my favorites memories, celebrating myself and showing myself how much I love me. I was thinking about it and it’s unlikely that I’ll share the slideshow on this blog. I may post it on the facebook page for a couple hours, but that’s about it. This is because I don’t want the day to be focused on social media. I want the day to be about me.

That may sound selfish and it is. I’m picking this one day out of the year to focus on me and I’m going to use it. Now, you’re probably wondering where do you all come in in all of this. I’d like you all to join me. Whether you’re alone or with someone, whoever you are, I’d like you to participate. On the 14th, take a moment to focus on yourself. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Take pictures. Take yourself out on a date. Shower yourself in gifts. Or you can do nothing at all. On Valentine’s Day, do whatever you want.

If you can’t bear to spend a day from social media and want to share, use the hashtag #iloveme so we can all share in the love. Just make sure your entire day isn’t about social media and you spend time with your loved ones and are actually living in the moment.  Either on the 14th or sometime this week, show yourself some love. You deserve it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Rule-breakers!!!


P.S. If you really need something to share, feel free to share this photo that I photographed myself. Can you tell I’m proud of it?   🙂


The Day You’ve Been Waiting For…

The Day You’ve Been Waiting For…

OK, you probably haven’t actually been waiting for this day, but humor me. It’s the beginning of Promo Storm 2014. If you happen to not know what Promo Storm is (shame on you), it is my version of promoting Last Look Back before its release date on November 14, 2014. Today, I’ll be sharing the back cover summary, the summary on the back cover of the book that makes you want to pick up. This way you can finally know what this book is about and you’ll be extra excited to purchase it come November 14, 2014.

Read on:

back summary


In the off-chance you can’t read it on the picture, here’s the summary again:

On the eve of her college graduation, Octavia “Vie” Steele is thrust back into a world that she thought she left behind. To many, she appears to be a normal college senior with a   future of possibilities ahead of her. In reality, she’s a spy, a top member of S.E. a spy organization that only few know about, or at least that’s who she used to be. Four years ago, a botched mission in Switzerland forced her to question her loyalties and the people she thought she could trust.

Now, hours before her graduation, Vie is forced to take a requalification exam to see if her spy skills are up to par. However, this is not a simple pencil and paper test and Octavia is everything but ready for it. With her past staring her in the face, Vie will need to make a choice. By the end of the night, she’ll need to decide who the real Vie is: the college student or the   super spy. Of course, that’s only if she has what it takes to survive one of the most dangerous nights of her life.

I hope this makes you super-ready for the release. Keep checking back for updates and we can get even more excited.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. I’m not sure how you could, but don’t forget that Last Look Back is coming to an internet near you November 14, 2014. Only 44 days left.

P.P.S. There are 8 days left of Choose the Cover. Place your vote now if you want to choose. https://mayasp8.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/choose-the-cover/

I Love Blogging Again

I Love Blogging Again


I think it’s only fitting for my 200th post to tell you all that I love blogging again. Since I stopped sticking to a stringent everyday schedule and started posted when and what I wanted, I’ve been able to enjoy blogging again. I love having the freedom to write when and what I want. I know you all understand that sometimes I just don’t feel like posting, so I’m able to post whenever the idea comes to me. I’m not obligated to post, but I’m doing it because I love it, because I want to share with you all what’s on my mind and what’s going on. I get to gripe about all things writing and share you with some inspiration that I find in my day to day life.  I love it. I love having this blog because it helps me see a lot of who I am as I writer:

  1. I don’t like repetition. I don’t like writing the same thing over and over again which is why keeping up the schedule didn’t work for me.
  2. I also get bored pretty easily which you all probably know seeing as how my blog theme has changed at least 5 times since I started. Feel free to tell me to stop changing it already or tell me which one you liked the best. This also explains why I couldn’t keep up with the schedule because it started getting tedious and route.

And now, we’re back to no rules. I write what I want and when I want and you all get to take a step deeper into the mish-mash of my mind. No one’s complained so far, so I guess you all like it. And I hope you all continue to enjoy my ramblings and No Rules, Just Words. Here’s to 200 more posts.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. Don’t forget Last Look Back is coming out November 14, 2014.

P.P.S. I’ve already started book 2 of the series. Now I know what you’re thinking, My can you get the first book out first. So, here’s the thing, I need to write, so there was no way I can wait until November to start book 2. Second, it turns out that I work out/exercise more when I’m working on a book, because I focus more during this time. I’m sure to schedule in my workout because it kickstarts my brain and allows the creative juices to flow better. I guess working out is a part of my writing process. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me so if I’m going to stay fit, I’ve got to write. That was probably a longer story than you needed today. Okay, I’m done 🙂

If I Fail…

If I Fail…

I know none of us like to think about it, but the thought keeps popping in my head. I figured it be a good topic to talk about because I know I’m not the only one that fears failure. Last night, I finished the overhaul of my book. A minute later, the thoughts came:

What if no one likes my book?

What if it doesn’t sell?

Can I keep this up book after book?

What if I don’t have what it takes?

I can’t list every question, but I hope you have an idea of what I’ve been going through last night and early this morning. Is this natural? I guess every writer has those moments of self doubt, where we’re not really sure if we are in the right business or if we even know what we’re doing. Since this won’t be the last book that I write, these thoughts will be sure to pop up again. So, what do I do about?

As I’ve mentioned before, I think my best bet is positive thinking. It all starts in the mind. The same place where these negative thoughts reside are the same place where the ideas for my books come from, so I’ve got to take the good with the bad and fight the bad thought with a good thought.

People will love my book.

They will be chomping at the bit for the chance to feature me in a newsletter or to invite me to do a talk or something.

I will be able to make it as a writer for years and years to come.

There will be shelves of my books everywhere and everyone will love it.

I have what it takes.

There is no plan “B” for me. There is no day job. There is only writing. Writing is what I love to do and what I’ve always done. I can’t see myself being happy doing anything else, so bad thoughts or not, I’m just going to suck it up and keep it moving. If I fail, so what? I’ll be fine. It’s not the end of the world and there are many more books that need to be written. The important thing is to not forget why I’m here. I’m here to write, so fail or not, that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.

What about you? What’s your Plan “A”?

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. In case positive thinking doesn’t work for you, take a look at these quotes which all deal with writing and failure. Which one is your favorite.

failure3 failure2 Failure