Did you say MORE Google Hangouts on Air?!?

Did you say MORE Google Hangouts on Air?!?

Gt hangouts

Yes. Yes, I did. If you don’t remember, (How could you? I talked about it enough.) I did a virtual release party for my first novel, Last Look Back on Google Hangouts on Air. Simply put, Google Hangouts on Air is a way for me to speak with and interact with all of you from the comfort of my home.  Even though I’ve only done one Hangout, I feel like a pro and I want to do more of them in the year.

The only question was what would these hangouts be about. I know you all remember my short-lived YouTube channel. It was too much for me to do on top of the blog, so whatever I did with the Hangouts had to be simple and something I didn’t have to edit.


 And what would I talk about. What’s the easiest/simplest thing for me? You’re right if you said writing, specifically writing books. (There’s the hint from today’s earlier post.) But, I can’t spend hours talking to you all about writing books. Let’s face it, writing is fun to do, but a little boring to talk about. So, what do we talk about?

Spit it out already!

Easy. We make it simple. Instead of novel-length books, let’s do short stories. And not just any short stories, short stories inspired by prompts chosen by yours truly. Thus, “Storytime with My” was born. Before the show, I’ll post the prompt on Storytime’s page which can be found in the menu above. I’ll write my response to the prompt during the show and talk you all through how I edit. I’ll also post my response after the show, so you can look back at it later. For now, the show will be almost every Friday at 7 pm. The last Friday of each month for the next six months will be saved for something else, but I’ll get to that later.

There will be three types of prompts: Photo Prompts, Song Prompts and Sentence Prompts.
Photo prompt- Write a story inspired by the image or picture quote.
Song- Listen to the chosen song and write a story inspired by the song.
Sentence prompt- Respond to the situation given in the written prompt.

All prompts are optional, so feel free to write about whatever you want and interpret the prompt in the way that you feel is best.

So what about that last Friday of the Month?

I know some of you are really tired of me talking about my book and that’s fine. Just ignore this part, if you are. I want the opportunity to have a more in-depth discussion about my book and talk about topics that I didn’t want to give away during the Release Party. On the last Friday of the month for the next six months, we’re going to have book club or It’s My Book Club as I like to call it. (get it? ‘My’ Book Club, My as in me. I’m so punny!) You can find the Book Club tab  in the menu above as well.

During each Hangout we’ll be talking about a specific topic of the book and really delve into the world of Last Look Back. I was an English Major in college and all we did was analyze books, so I am especially excited to do this with something I wrote. You’ll probably have to excuse my geek moments, but I’ll be sure to make sure that everyone still has a good time. I’ll post discussion topics/questions on the first of the month (hopefully) as well as the page numbers of the section we’ll be discussing. In the discussion, I, of course, won’t be giving away everything, so you’ll still need to read to keep up, but I will hint at certain things, so I won’t ruin the best surprises.

Wooo! Let’s recap!

More Google Hangouts! More Story Prompts! More Book Club! More me being really excited!

And in case what Hangout will be on what day was a little confusing, here’s the schedule for January:

January 9 Storytime with My- Photo Prompt #50
January 16 Storytime with My-Sentence Prompt #32
January 23 Storytime with My- Song #4
January 30 It’s My Book Club! topic “Looking Back and Beginnings: A gray-eyed Adonis named Silver”

The schedule for the month for Storytime or Book Club will be found on the particular page. Check the page weekly and the most recent prompt or Club discussion will be at the top.

Whew! That was a lot, but I promise, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


Are You Ready for No Rules, Just Words 2015?

Are You Ready for No Rules, Just Words 2015?

I have big plans for this blog next year. Big, big plans.

I have plans as big as this Great Dane. Big!
I have plans as big as this Great Dane. Big!

And this time they’ll be a lot more realistic, so I’ll actually want to stick to them. So, let’s start with the most obvious part, the actual blog posts.

  • My goal is to get 2 to 4 posts done a month which on average is a post a week or one every two weeks. I want to do a range, so I’m not tied down to a schedule.These posts can be updates on my ongoing publishing journey, Book 2 of the Last Look Back series, and what’s going on in my life or in the world.
  • I want to have more of a social media presence, so I’m going to do follow-up tweets or Facebook statuses after blog posts. Right now the only time I tweet or have a Facebook status on my blog’s Facebook page is when there’s a post and nothing more. Having follow-up tweets or statuses will be something for you all to look out forward to between blog posts and they’re a lot quicker and easier to create which means a lot less pressure for me. Expect between 5 to 10 tweets or statuses around every post. Maybe less, maybe more and the topic could be anything. Anything! Click the Meet the writer tab in the menu above to get all of my social media info and we can stay connected throughout the new year.
  • Like I said before, I’ll be posting (or tweeting) updates of my writing journey as I tackle the edits for book 2 of the Last Look Back. I’m writing this down right now for all to read and I can’t deny later. I, My, your best blogger friend, the #1 Rule-breaker, is committing to working between 3-5 hrs a day on the LLB2 edits which I’m starting at the beginning of the year. That’s barely a 40 hour week and I usually work longer than that when I get started, but I felt the need to write it down so I’ll be sure to stick to it.


You’ve probably noticed my goals include a range of numbers that I’m shooting for. I figured this would make it easier for me to stick to. The low end is easily achievable and I won’t feel bad if I don’t reach the high end and I’ll stay motivated because I’ll keep it up with it and will actually be achieving it. It’s like I’m tricking my brain into continuing to work. That’s a little trick for you to consider in the new year. Trick your brain into working for you and before you know it, you’re already be done.

*Now back to the previously scheduled program*

  • I really want to change the look of the blog. I’m not a fan of the header text. It’s really boring to me. I’m also not in favor changing the theme again because I know it’ll probably mess up the sidebar and menu which I’ve worked very hard on (even if it doesn’t look it.) I’m not the most technologically gifted, so the easiest fix the better. I’m going to put my designer cap on, reconfigure some things and hopefully I’ll make this blog brand spanking new. Emphasis on hopefully. 🙂
  • And now the part that I am most excited about. I’ve been trying to think of a way to make this site more interactive. I also enjoyed doing the Google hangout on air for the Last Look Back virtual release party, so in 2015, I’m going to do more Google Hangouts.  If you want to know exactly what I’ll be doing you’ll have to read my next post. Here’s a hint: books. I can hear the gears turning already. Next post will be up at 5 pm EST. Maybe sooner.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,

Tomorrow’s the Big Day

Tomorrow’s the Big Day

I’ve been working hard. I’ve been planning diligently. It’s all been for one day. Tomorrow at 7 pm EST, it begins, my Virtual Release Party for my first book, Last Look Back. I am incredibly excited and I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Here’s the link again:

I hope you’ll tune in.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


Embrace the Lazy Days

Embrace the Lazy Days


Now when I say Embrace Lazy Days, I mean to do so in moderation. You can’t have lazy days every day and expect to get anything done.  For me, I need to have at least one lazy day a week or even one every couple of days. Sometimes I need more than one day. You may have noticed the lack of Promo Storm posts. There are couple of reasons why I stopped. You all are probably so tired of my excuses, but I still feel the need to explain.

I realized that a lot of the topics I was going to discuss were hard to explain without you having the book. Also publishing, specifically self-publishing, takes a lot of your energy and brain power, more than I expected. Even my power reserves are tapped out. You guys, I am tired! In hindsight, I should have known better. Publishing takes your full attention. I should have made sure every thing was taken care of first before trying to have a Promo Storm every day as well. There has just been so much going on and I really needed a break. Though it’s been tiring, I’ve learned A LOT about the publishing process and now I am definitely prepared for my next book. I also know a better way to format a promo storm if I decide to do it again. Even though I’ve made a lot of mistakes and there have been more than a few gaffes, it’s all taught me what I need to do for the future.

And now we’re back to the title. Embracing the lazy days. There have been times in this process when I’ve gotten overwhelmed and really tired, so I’ve had to take a step back and just embrace the lazy days. Most times you need to push through the laziness or tiredness to get the words on the paper, but other times you really need to rest. If you’re not careful, the tiredness will be apparent in your work and you’ve forced yourself to write something that’s not so good. So, if you’re feeling a little lazy, it’s okay. Take a day off. Just don’t break forever. There’s work to be done.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. I am officially done with my lazy days, but there will probably not be any more posts until we get closer to the release date and party on November 14th. I’m in the midst of planning now and will be sending you updates as we get closer to the date. I hope you all are still excited and ready for this book to come out. I can’t wait! 16 more days!!! 🙂



Are you excited for the release of Last Look Back! Well, don’t keep it to yourself, tell the world!


Share promo storm posts with your friends. Tell everyone how amazing this book will be. Use the hashtag #TeamSteele  in your posts, so I can see them and everyone will know which team is the best. Until November 14th, I want us to take over social media. I want to us to flood everyone’s timelines and newsfeeds. I’ll definitely need everyone’s help if this is going to be happen. Thank you in advance for your help. I hope you all know how important you all are to me and how great it is to have people that care about me and support my dream. I love you all!

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


Announcement Time!!!

I decided to make Last Look Back available for pre-order!!!

Why pre-order?

  • You’ll get the book the day of the launch. Disclaimer: I will try to get the book to you as close to the launch as possible, but if it doesn’t get there in time, please be patient.
  • Pre-ordered copies will be signed by yours truly and I will try to do a heartfelt message as well for as many books as I can.

Click that picture to the right, you know you want to. Your support is greatly appreciated 🙂


This is Actually Happening

This is Actually Happening

Yesterday, I was looking at the cover design my sister created for Last Look Back. (She’s awesome by the way, check out her blog thejunoesque.com for more of her designs.) I’m looking at the cover and I’m like this is actually happening. In less than two months, I am releasing my first book. THIS IS HAPPENING!!! I always like to update you all with my feelings especially with my writing journey and the book coming out very soon. With these posts, I try to find a picture that fully encompasses my current feelings, but I just couldn’t find one that said everything that I was going through. So, today we’re going to shake things up a little and I’m going to tell you all how I’m currently feeling through the use of gifs. If you happen to not know what gifs are, they’re moving pictures and they will show you the exact range of emotions that come with a Book Launch.

And now…

I look at the calendar and see that November 14th will be here very quickly.



I hide waiting for the reactions.



If they like it…



If they hate it…









But, it’s okay. Just Breathe. I did it.



This one’s over…



Crazy as it sounds, but I’ll probably do it again.



Because writing novels is the best because I get to share my work with you.

Carrey gifwriter4writer1

The End.


That’s my story. I hope you like it. Now, it’s announcements time:

September 22, 2014: “Choose the Cover” – I’m torn about which is the best Cover Design for the Last Look Back Cover, so I’m going to have you all vote which is the better cover. I won’t tell you which one I like the best until after voting. Voting ends October 9, 2014.

October 10, 2014: “Cover Reveal” – On my instagram @luv2rite1922, I will be revealing which design I’m picking. Be following me, to be one of the first to find out which cover it will be.

And finally…

From October 1, 2014 until the Book Launch, I will be doing a Promo Storm. What’s a Promo Storm, you may ask? It’s my version of creating buzz for my new book. For 40+ days, I will be posting about all things Last Look Back. I’ll be giving you all a behind the scenes look into a lot of the writing choices I’ve made and interesting things that have happened on  my writing journey. By November 14, you will know a lot more about Last Look Back than you probably would ever want to know. You’re welcome.

So, those are my announcements and gif story. I hope you all are getting excited. I can’t believe this is actually happening. 🙂

From the #1 Rule-breaker,