When Designing a Book Cover…(tips to consider)

When Designing a Book Cover…(tips to consider)

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Since “Choose the Cover” is over, I wanted to give you all more insight into what you should consider when your finishing your book and you need to decide on a cover. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you design your book cover.

  • Whether you’re designing the cover yourself or you’re getting someone else to design it for you, you should already be thinking of cover ideas. It’s a good idea to read through your book at least once and take notes on what images would best describe your novel.
  • Ensure that the image you choose is easily recognizable, but gripping as well. You have to look at your image and decide if it is something that people will pick up.
  • If you’re doing a series, make sure it is an image that can be easily transformed to carry through future books.
  • When choosing a design, make sure you know your designer’s limitations and your limitations as a designer (if you’re the designer.) Don’t have a grandiose design in your head that no one will be able to recreate. It’s better to keep simple, yet interesting. Find a balance, so it’s not too complicated or busy and everyone can enjoy it.
  • If you’re going to a designer, have a design in mind before going to a designer. Unless they read the book, you know it better than they do, so don’t make them guess what you want. They can’t read your mind. Only you know what you want. I had an idea of the design I wanted. I wanted the main character looking over her shoulder at the audience and an explosion in the background behind her. The cover I have now is better than I could have imagined because it’s simpler.  She’s looking back and instead of fire the darkish red color resembles that of a fire or blood.
  • Be willing to give your input  and listen to feedback and say so, if you don’t like it. My designer was my older sister. We of course know each other, so our working relationship will be different. That’s not always the case, so be sure to keep it professional or at least pleasant. Be clear in what you want. Don’t be demanding. Or rude. Like I said, they’re artists, not mind readers. If you want something, tell them. If you don’t want it or don’t like it, tell them. If you’re paying them, make sure you like what you’re paying for.

I hope this few tips were helpful. If you have any other tips, feel free to share. Just remember to be patient and appreciative of your designer’s time. Do not take them for granted. Don’t waste anyone’s time and your experience will be a joyful one. I promise.

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A Clueless Writer’s Guide to Self-Publishing

A Clueless Writer’s Guide to Self-Publishing



I’ve learned a lot about self-publishing and it’s only right that I share what I’ve learned with you all. Here is a Clueless writer’s step-by-step guide.

  1. Finish a book- Obviously you need a book to publish if you’re going to self-publish.
  2. Pick your team:
    1. Find a cover designer for your cover, my sister Elayna at Inkeddesigns.com created my cover.
    2. Find an editor- I had a couple of friends look over my story and my mother and sister helped with editing. You need to have at least one person look over it because there may be somethings that you missed. I have been writing for 10 years and I have a degree in English. I also have looked over my book 20+ times and there will still some mistakes that I overlooked, so be sure you have someone to read over it.
  3. Formatting- Don’t do any crazy formatting. Keep it simple because that will ensure that the final product is clean and not a jumbled mess when it is published.
  4. Choose a self-publishing platform- I chose lulu. com. There are plenty of others to choose from, but I chose lulu because you have the option to make a paperback and e-book in the same place.
  5. Set your price-  Be sure to not set the price too high that no one can afford it or too cheap that you undermine your product.
  6. Promotion- Pick a release date, so you have a enough time to promote and promote the way that is best for you.
  7. Release: It’s time to party because it’s time to release. Release the book and then start all over again.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it. That’s because it is in the end. That should be the number 1 rule, if self-publishing is something that you want to do then don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. It is, of course, hard work and don’t take the decision to self-publish lightly. If it is something you want to do, you should be willing to put the work in. Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything, but if I did, please let me know.

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P.S. Special Announcement tomorrow. Stay posted to see what it might be.

P.P.S. 40 more days until Last Look Back. November 14, 2014 is almost here.


Choose the Cover

Choose the Cover

Cover 1

book cover mockups1
Copyright by Inked Designs 2014


Cover 2

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Copyright by Inked Designs 2014

*Poll Closed. Voting is over. Thank you to everyone that voted*

There you have it, boys and girls, make your choice. Which image will grace the cover of my debut novel, Last Look Back. I can’t wait to see what you all choose. Voting closes October 9, 2014. 

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


P.S. And don’t forget Last Look Back is coming to an internet near you November 14, 2014.

P.P.S. My fantastic older sister, Elayna designed my covers. To check out more of her designs, visit her website http://thinkinkeddesigns.com/.

This is Actually Happening

This is Actually Happening

Yesterday, I was looking at the cover design my sister created for Last Look Back. (She’s awesome by the way, check out her blog thejunoesque.com for more of her designs.) I’m looking at the cover and I’m like this is actually happening. In less than two months, I am releasing my first book. THIS IS HAPPENING!!! I always like to update you all with my feelings especially with my writing journey and the book coming out very soon. With these posts, I try to find a picture that fully encompasses my current feelings, but I just couldn’t find one that said everything that I was going through. So, today we’re going to shake things up a little and I’m going to tell you all how I’m currently feeling through the use of gifs. If you happen to not know what gifs are, they’re moving pictures and they will show you the exact range of emotions that come with a Book Launch.

And now…

I look at the calendar and see that November 14th will be here very quickly.



I hide waiting for the reactions.



If they like it…



If they hate it…









But, it’s okay. Just Breathe. I did it.



This one’s over…



Crazy as it sounds, but I’ll probably do it again.



Because writing novels is the best because I get to share my work with you.

Carrey gifwriter4writer1

The End.


That’s my story. I hope you like it. Now, it’s announcements time:

September 22, 2014: “Choose the Cover” – I’m torn about which is the best Cover Design for the Last Look Back Cover, so I’m going to have you all vote which is the better cover. I won’t tell you which one I like the best until after voting. Voting ends October 9, 2014.

October 10, 2014: “Cover Reveal” – On my instagram @luv2rite1922, I will be revealing which design I’m picking. Be following me, to be one of the first to find out which cover it will be.

And finally…

From October 1, 2014 until the Book Launch, I will be doing a Promo Storm. What’s a Promo Storm, you may ask? It’s my version of creating buzz for my new book. For 40+ days, I will be posting about all things Last Look Back. I’ll be giving you all a behind the scenes look into a lot of the writing choices I’ve made and interesting things that have happened on  my writing journey. By November 14, you will know a lot more about Last Look Back than you probably would ever want to know. You’re welcome.

So, those are my announcements and gif story. I hope you all are getting excited. I can’t believe this is actually happening. 🙂

From the #1 Rule-breaker,