MyCam Update Week 1

MyCam Update Week 1

I share a lot in this update video, so I figure it’s only right to summarize.

  1.  I’ve got a new office.
  2.  Formatting of the ebook was harder than expected, but I got it done, thankfully.
  3.  Free ISBN freak-out. I was on completing the process for uploading the book and got to the step where I was given my free ISBN. It really hit me then that this is actually happening and my dream is coming to fruition.
  4.  “Choose the Cover” where everyone will get the chance to vote on the cover that I will use for my book is still open. The poll can be found here:
    Voting closes October 9, 2014.
  5.  Be following on instagram @luv2rite1922 to be the first person to see the cover. Cover Reveal October 10, 2014.
  6. The prices for the book are as follows: Paperback- $9.99; Ebook: $2.99. All sales are final and there will not be any refunds unless there is an extenuating circumstance which will need to be discussed with me before a refund is awarded.
  7.  There are 42 days left until November 14th and Last Look Back’s official release.
  8.  Should there be a pre-order? Let me know if you would like to order the book early.The book is ready, I just don’t know if I am, eek! I’ll have to work on it and you’ll know by the end of the weekend what I decide.
    There will be incentives for pre-order. Watch until the end of the video to find out. Psst, the incentives are at 10:48, if you just want to fast forward. I completely understand.
    Woo! That was a lot. As always, thank you all for watching. And thank you for your support, I love you guys.

From the #1 Rule-breaker,


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